Dear Constance,
Thank you for everything you did on my behalf relative to the fishing. The water you had access to was very good for fly-fishing and that made the day a very enjoyable one.
I hope the remainder of your summer goes extremely well for you.
Bob Knight
Basketball Coach
- Texas Tech University

Fly Fishing for many is a means of leisure; others consider it to be a sport. There are few who consider fly fishing to be a passion above all else.

One such person is Constance Whiston. Constance is one of those rare individuals who would rather be on the water fly fishing than anything else and whe has devoted herself to do just that ... for that is the only way you can become an acknowledged and accomplished fly fisher.

In my lifetime, I have had the pleasure to meet with and fish with many friends around the world and for many species of fish. When the day came that Constance fished with me, it did not take me long to realize that Constance is a very special person, who not only loves to fish, she is a very competent fly fisher, has a great knowledge of fly fishing and a love to teach and pass on her knowledge.

In the world of woman fly fishers, she has a very enviable track record of achievements few persons have attained; not to mention her ability as a champion fly caster.

In fact, I was so impressed that I invited Constance to work with me teaching and guiding fly fishing clients at my American International Schools of Fly Fishing here in Arkansas.

You can be assured as a client that you will receive from Constance some of the best fly fishing instruction available in the country today, and if you choose to book a guided trip with her, that will also be for you a wonderful experience.

Davy Wotton
American International Schools of Fly Fishing

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Thank you for the wonderful trip. I had a blast.
Here is a pix of the 16.5" Guad. Bass that I caught on a chartruse "Miss Prissy".
Thanks Again,
Cody Bell



Dear Constance,
I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my fishing experience on the Llano River with you as my guide. Your knowledge of the river, of paddling, of water safety, and most of all - knowing where good fishing spots are located - made the day trip a great success. Your knowledge of the fly patterns that work well for the time of year and ..... download more from Wayne Ahr

We're on the South Llano, in a pair of canoes. Constance Whiston, a superb flyfisherman and guide out of Austin, is paddling with my son Chad.

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"The instructor "Constance" is patient in her teaching - very thorough in her explanations - all students leave successful!"
Kathy Goodlett

"Thanks for providing us with a great opportunity to learn more about fly fishing in a beautiful setting with a great group of friends".
Robert and Marian Voges

"Excellent course! Good repetition! Clean concise explanation of key elements of fly fishing."
"Enjoyed it more than I thought would"
Jan Hyatt

Saw a question and a response from you on the TX-WWFF email list regarding this. Thought you might not mind sharing the same information with me.

First of all, thanks so much for your presentation at Fly Fish 2002 in Athens. I was able to be there with my wife and 10 y/o son. My wife planned on going to your presentation so I thought I would drop in with her and see what was going on. I have to say that I was so impressed with your knowledge of the Texas Hill Country that I didn't leave to go to the presentation that I had planned on going to. You were an inspiration to my wife and she was even more "hooked" on flyfishing when she left your talk.
Charles Best

The river is superbly scenic. The bass are feisty. The guide is terrific. Nothing is more fun than a day on the Llano with Constance Whiston.

David Prindle
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