Fly Fishing the Warm Water Rivers of Missouri:

Enjoy the scenic warm water rivers of Missouri in a Power Point presentation.  Travel with me in canoes and kayaks through a world of fly fishing photography reflecting the fun and action of small mouth bass, carp, sunfish on a fly.  Learn tricks of the trade from years of paddling rivers where recreational paddlers seldom go. In other words, where fish are sure to be found!  The scenery is gorgeous too - caves, waterfalls, creatures you can only see while navigating a quiet mountain stream in the Ozarks. 

THE NEW FLY FISHER: A presentation video from the PBS television educational fly fishing show combined with a lecture from Constance Whiston on women fly fishing, forming a new fly fishing club, conservation, "catch & release", where to learn more about fly fishing and the pure joy of the art of fly fishing. Watch women fly fishers casting for trout in a crystal clear, Texas stream and listen to them share their inspirational fly fishing stories - a delight for all! 

Fly Fishing From A Kayak: A hands on class outside or inside, various types of kayaks will be displayed and discussed. Learn what types are best for fly fishing salt water, rivers and lake flat water. The difference between sea kayaks, white water and recreational kayaks, how to enter and exit and casting tips from a sitting position.

Tom Taylor

Introduction to Fly Fishing: The basics of fly fishing, what equipment to use for different types of water, where to purchase gear, great fly local fly fishing locations, different types of fly fishing (warm, cold & salt), casting lessons and beginner tips. This class can be designed for men, women and children of all ages or specific groups - slide presentation included at request

Fly Fishing the Upper Potomac with Lefty Kreh: Small mouth fly fishing at it's best! Fly fishing the upper Potomac, a personal trip with Lefty to share with all fly fishers. From early morning to late afternoon casting from platforms on Lefty's, bass boat, specially designed for Johnny Morris, experience the joy of catching small mouth all day, the various flies Lefty ties and long distance casting "Kreh style".  

Fly Fishing for Women: An exciting slide and lecture presentation showing women fly fishing and catching fish! Exclusive information for women on equipment, kayaks, safety tips, casting the easy way, how to meet other fly fishing women and the answer to the puzzling question "Where can I find fly fishing clothes that fit women?".

Fly Fishing Texas Hill Country Rivers: Fly fishing the Colorado, the Nueces, the Llano, the Guadalupe, San Marcos and more. Fly Fishing Texas Hill Rivers is not only informative, it displays the beauty of Texas spring fed rivers and healthy varieties of fish living in their waters.

The Llano River: Includes a beautiful slide show presentation on the Llano from the headwaters above Junction to the convergence with the Colorado River at Kingsland, what stretches to float, wading versus paddling, flies to use and the fish found is the spring fed, crystal clear waters.
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